1. Coaching Terms and Holiday Clinic Timetables

Show Court Tennis follows 4 Victorian State Government School Terms per calendar year (these vary in length).

Holiday clinics are available during the second week of most Term Breaks – see website and club notice boards for available dates.

2. Term Fees & Payment Method

Fees may vary each term depending on the number of weeks in the upcoming term. School terms can vary in length from 8 to 11 weeks.

Show Court Tennis coaching fees can be found on the website.

An invoice will be sent one week prior to the commencement of each coaching term. Lesson prices can be viewed on the ‘Coaching page’ of the website.

Term fees are payable in full 7 days from the start of term via Credit Card or Electronic Transfer.
If you are having difficulty paying your fees, please call us to discuss a payment plan and to avoid losing your lesson time.

3. New Enrolments

An Enrolment form must be completed including a signature to acknowledge and accept terms and conditions.

4. Re‐enrolling for the next term

Existing Show Court Tennis students are automatically re enrolled for the following term.

You will be issued with an invoice, usually via email one week prior to the commencement of the new term which will indicate the lesson times & fees for the following term.

If you do not wish to reenrol, we kindly ask that you notify us ASAP via email: doug@showcourttennis.com

5. Discounts

A 5% Family Discount is applied when a single family is enrolled in three (3) or more lessons.

6. Refunds and Credits

In order for Show Court Tennis to meet the financial obligations of employing coaches, court hire and other business expenses, credits or refunds cannot be given after the first day of term.

By the end of the first week coaches are committed to a location and lesson time for the duration of the coaching period.

Students affected by long-term injury or illness, are eligible to attend make-up sessions at the end of the illness or injury period.

  • Lessons missed due to family holidays or social events will be forfeited
  • No refunds will be given for missed lessons

7. Wash Outs (Catch up lessons)

In the event of disruptive rain/weather you will receive a text message (where possible) informing you of the lesson cancellations.

Please don’t presume lessons are cancelled because it has been raining throughout the day and avoid ringing the coaches as they will be on court coaching.

If you have not been notified otherwise, lessons will go ahead as usual even on wet days. Please note if a lesson is 50% or more complete when washed out it will be deemed a full lesson.

IMPORTANT: If a lesson is cancelled due to rain COACHES WILL NOT BE AT THE LESSON LOCATION to meet the children.

In the event of wash outs, CATCH UP LESSONS will be offered as follows:

Group and Squad sessions:

There will be 2 CATCH UP CLINICS offered each term on a weekend.

1 Catch Up Clinic in the middle of the term (for lessons washed out in the first half of term)

1 Catch Up Clinic at the end of the term (for lessons washed out in the second half of term)

CATCH UP CLINICS will run for 60 minutes.

You will be notified via email of the available dates. It is your responsibility to book into the CATCH UP CLINIC when notified of the available dates.

Private & Semi-private lessons:

Make up lessons will be organised via direct communication with your personal coach.

If you do not book into a make up session during the current term the lesson will be forfeited.

Please note No refunds or credits will be given.

8. Illness/School Camp (Make Up Lessons)

Show Court Tennis offers ‘make up’ lessons as a courtesy to our clients.

Please understand we pride ourselves on our low student to coach ratio. In order to maintain this small ratio we limit make up lessons to 2 per term. (Except in extreme circumstances).

Please text your relevant coach and inform them if you are unable to attend your lesson.

A Make up lesson will only be provided due to illness or school camp.

In order to be eligible for a make-up lesson you must email doug@showcourttennis.com and request a make-up lesson in the same week the lesson was missed.

Please explain in your email the reason as to why the lesson was missed. (You may then be sent a make up lesson time.)

9. Private Lesson Cancellation

A minimum 2 hours notice applies to all Private Lesson cancellations.

No make up lesson will be offered for cancellations within this time frame.

Failure to turn up for a Private Lesson (without any notification) will incur the FULL Lesson charge and NO make up lessons or Refunds will be offered.

You are paying for the coaches time and court hire, therefore it is the students responsibility to communicate with the coach if they are unavailable to make the lesson.